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Pasting: Delete and Jump to Next Entry

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Pasting: Delete and Jump to Next Entry

Postby Stewox » Mon Feb 25, 2013 12:22 pm

There could be great benefit for multitasking by the use of automatically switching to another entry saved either manually or by existing chronological order when copied, after a user-configurable number of paste operations has been made (for my case, once) it should jump to the next saved entry automatically (if this whole feature enabled), when feature enabled the first clipboard entry of session should stay checked(not latest), additionally if enabled, deleting of the previous entries after the jump could also be applied if user deems them obsolete.

not sure if this is possible with the Actions so I made it here.

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Re: Pasting: Delete and Jump to Next Entry

Postby Austin » Mon Feb 25, 2013 3:50 pm

Stewox -

I like this idea and would use this regularly. There are several instances where I will copy several portions of text or code for use in another document or script. I like the idea of being able to have 3DC automatically select the next item in your history should you turn that feature on. This would be a nice little addition in my opinion. I'm not sure what the best way of accomplishing this is, but I would venture to guess that Vince will have ideas on the best way to implement such a feature, if possible..

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Re: Pasting: Delete and Jump to Next Entry

Postby Vince » Thu Feb 28, 2013 6:13 pm

Hi guys...

Can you give me an example workflow of how you picture this feature being implemented? How would you "enable" the feature when you want to use it? Menu option? Hotkey? Give me an example scenario of how you'd like to see this actually work. I do like the idea; I would just want to make sure it get's implemented correctly...


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Re: Pasting: Delete and Jump to Next Entry

Postby Austin » Mon Mar 04, 2013 7:39 pm

I gave this some thought over the weekend and I think I would like to see a new item type. I've called this structure a 'ladder' as i've considered it. The core concept of the ladder is that you begin on the bottom rung and 'step on' all the rungs until you have reached the end. 'Stepping on' rungs would be synonymous with pasting each of the items.

So how would this work? I would like to see something like:

Copy an item to Clipboard

Right Click the newly created item and choose Ladder from the menu - 3DC converts this item to a submenu

When a Ladder is selected in the 3DC menu, subsequent copys would add items to the ladder. The item on the first rung would be placed on the clipboard, but not yet marked as 'stepped on'.

3DC would need to keep track of which rungs had been 'stepped on'. When the paste command is given, 3DC would need to place the lowest rung on the ladder that had not yet been 'stepped on' on the clipboard, then send the paste command to Windows or the application. Manual selection of a rung would set all rungs below the selcted one as being 'stepped on'. Then it would set itself and all rungs above it to a state where it has not been 'stepped on'.

Other considerations:
There may need to be User Options that handle items such as:
Maximum number of rungs on a ladder
When the end of a ladder is reached reset all rungs to a 'not stepped on' state
When the end of a ladder is reached, delete the ladder
Show which rungs have been 'stepped on'. (i'm thinking a special character on the menu text for each rung. eg. '~ Foo','Bar' Foo has been 'stepped on', Bar has not.)

Having the ability to reverse the order of a Ladder might be nice to.
Already existing Drag and Drop functionality would allow users to arrange rungs as wanted. It would also allow users to add or remove rungs from the existing items 3DC has remembered.
Template functionality would not be lost.

Just ideas for the mechanics of how I would use it...

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